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A letter I found: 

Dear priye,

Today morning you told me that you wanted to go to your mom's place but I had denied. I denied not because I didn't want you to go, I had denied just formally, but at heart I knew if I allowed you to go instantly, your amazingly quick brain would grasp my eagerness to send you away. I had to play the cards very carefully. I did agree reluctantly after some pressuring comments from your mother. I told her she could keep you as long as she desired, and by that I had never meant I didn't want you back in the house, it was just a courtesy gesture so she wouldn't feel that you faced any restrictions here, in fact you are the whole in-charge of any restricting orders in the house. I don't understand what angered you so much that you told your mom that I didn't want you to go and I was playing a double game. Have I ever said anything to displease you? Not even then when you were telling sinister cooked up things to your friends about me. I knew you wanted me all for yourself, that's why you said such things to them. My head was reeling in pain but I didn't show it and kept a forced smile just so that you could go but you didn't. I do love you and do I have to give any proof for that. What do you think I would do in your absence that you are so worried about. I want to clarify all your doubts today via this letter. You are free to go to your mom's house whenever you like. Forget about my first denial that you are stuck with in your mind. I would be more than happy for you if you go for a while sometimes. This would give your mind some much needed change. It's been full three years you haven't left me. Do you not long to see your parents. I am really at a loss why you are torturously punishing yourself and indirectly me also. The other day your brother had called and threatened if I don't send you he would come here and stay for a month or two. I am really at a loss what will appease you. How to give you permission when it's me who seeks permission all the time. 

Yours truly,

This is a fully imaginary cook up and any resemblance to anyone's case is at is at their risk. It has been inspired by a topic at indispire for a humorous story.

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