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This guy meant business. Moreover he had come with a reference. If this reference had been from Prime Minister also, I wouldn't have let him in even, but this guy had a letter from my Brother In Law, and not only a letter but this guy had the cheek to get his description given by my BIL over the telephone. The guy gave a sly vicious smile as if turning his offer down would cost me a lot. My wife smelling some one from her home land had prepared special tea and hot pakodas and sent into my small office for this guy to savor. My mind was busy searching for a skillful exit from this maze. 

"You know what, " he chirped sipping upon the delicious tea, "your father in law has deposited whopping sum in to this scheme. What an incredibly intelligent man he is."

Myself thinking in mind, just for a small commission this guy is hell bent to dupe the money of people. The company offering handsome returns but it's own head honcho struggling to come out of jail...,

My thought process was broken by the nudge by this guy, "here, take this phone and confirm with your father in law itself if I am lying. Where will the company run away, your brother in law is a cunning man. He has given part of his office space on hefty rent to the company."

Everything was clear to me now. I too had to part with minimum possible sum but was there any way out. I had to think fast. Yes, call him another day. Postponing tactics. My shrewd mind smiled at me. 

Making some preliminary boundaries, I sighed heavily and said, "you are late my friend, just one day late. I already made a fixed deposit of 8 years of all I had and I feel like an ass. I shouldn't have done it. I am stuck for eight full years now. When this money is released after eight years I will call you up and invest in the company you are suggesting. 

This guy was shrewder of the shrewd. He refused to budge saying, "no problem mehman, I will take the amount from your BIL, you sign your FD and give it to your BIL. It is a family matter and I can give my life for family."

Now this was getting on my nerves. I was more tempted to bring out my revolver and show him what family means, but this guy was having the BIL shield.

You see, it will look a lot bad to me to ask favor from my BIL, and another money source is there which I think I can manage in three four months time. I am extremely pained to miss this golden opportunity but within some months I will call you up as I get the money in my hands.

This guy tried to say something but I quickly rebutted him on pretext of an urgent meet with the police commissioner and keeping a police commissioner waiting could harm him as well.

I had to practically push him out and close the door. I couldn't even say that the company will bust because it was a future tense. Presently it was running hale and hearty. But till when was a matter of time. I prayed for sanity to my inlaws as it was futile to drive any sense there. All was left to the hands of the almighty.

It is pure fiction inspired by a topic for a humorous post at indispire.

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