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The search:

The talk tete a tete with one prospective bride's fathers. 

Mobile rings and line picked up:

Rio: Hello

X : "Is this Rio?"

Rio: "yes I am, i don't recollect you, may I know who this is. "( I knew, as I had seen the number in bio-data, but I had to show I didn't give a damn who he was.)

X: "I am father of ..,,,,.,,,, and wanted to have a little chat with you regarding the matching prospects. I was wondering if this is the right time to talk but I just got free from my schedules."

Rio: "No no, not at all, "(part of my mind saying, tell this nut to call tomorrow at 11 am sharp and You can give only 5 minutes as You were rarely free and this 11 to 11;05 was booked for your dear wife and you can ask her to spare her 5 minutes for you.)

X: "my daughter is completing her masters from usa as you must have read in the bio data I had sent.."

Rio: "yes, I saw it. Very impressive...,,"

X: cutting me short..., " she has been a brilliant child and excelled in everything she did. What is your son's CTC,"

Rio: perplexed,.".CTC as in....,"

X:" CTC is cost to company"

Rio: "I know what CTC is and I was just recollecting,like if he has to buy the company it would be...."( understood that he wanted to know salary, but wanted to show the high thinking) 
X: again cutting short, "no no no, I meant company's cost on your son."

Rio: thinking this nut doesn't know what is meant by salary in bio data,"you see, my son is a little carefree and he gave preference to his sports acumen and serving for a company for nuts, just so that he can be near his college stadium to play cricket with his friends every weekend. To be exact his cost upon the company must be coming around 100k."

( I had escalated 20k on purpose as he had wanted cost to company and not salary and I could easily show the cost incurred by company for my son's visa and fives star hotel stay costs incurred by the company upon him.)

X: "I am sorry sir, He is getting too less, my daughter got an offer 200k while she is still studying and she has outright rejected the offer and demanded 300k." 

Rio: in mind, thank goodness. Saved. " yes, true sir, this gap can never be matched." 

X: "if you come across any match please inform me." 

Rio: to hell, but meekly "yes,yes, sure, I will."

And disconnected.

This post has been inspired by topic at indispire and as of fiction or nonfiction, it is nonfiction.

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  1. Sigh... The Indian Marriage Market....

  2. hahahahaha! True True!
    I remember one of my 'encounters' and my then girlfriend's mom told me point blank - You are not fit to be my son-in-law because:
    You are not an engineer,
    You are not good looking
    You are not a hindu

    1. Expectations are great on both sides, they die out slowly with time and reality takes over. Thanks Navin


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