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A tattered board outside the clinic of Ayurvedic Dr. Phuinsiwala depicted the state of the Doctor in the deteriorating economic blizzard sweeping the nation. There was a time when the board was dazzling new and the artist whose hands had touched the paint brush to paint the tattered board had become a famous artist raking millions. The long line of patients outside the clinic was a common thing but now all patients were whisked by the MBBS and MD Doctors. Dr. Phuinsiwala too distrusted his own medicine and resorted to go to these Doctors whenever he faced ailments in his family. 

Phuinsiwala used to await anxiously, daily in the evening for his friend, Nimkiwala to arrive at his clinic holding onto his stick and legs some how. Nimkiwala too had been a prosperous Bakery owner of his time but beaten badly by the new multinational brands. Both the weathered and tattered friends would talk upon the impending doom the national policies were leading with jet speed. Today Phuinsiwala was worried as his friend hadn't reached yet. He had been always punctual and now already three full minutes had passed and Phuinsiwala's fragile brain had started feeding ill omens in his stomach. "Had he been hit by some rash driver on the way." "Had he fallen down due to his stick slipping away." Many thoughts were running in Phuinsiwala's mind and creating gas in his stomach. His mind was made up. He would wait another full minute before he would call the police. Second ticked by and with every second his heartbeat was escalating. He checked upon his watch if there was some anomaly in it. He put the stethoscope on his 1951 model swiss manual wind table clock. The ticks thumping heavily upon his ears in the correct beat. Satisfied he kept the clock back upon the table. He picked his phone receiver and dialed 100 slowly with his anxious eyes upon the road pavement. 

"Hello, " a heavy voice echoed in his ears and his eyes sighted Nimkiwala staggering towards him with his stick firmly held. Phuinsiwala's mind came at ease, a bit relieved. "Hello, arrey speak up, man, has someone stabbed you or what." Voice again hurled over the earpiece from the other end.
Phuinsiwala muttered slow sorry and hung up as he was in no mood to waste his two hours precious time on the police officer.

Nimkiwala sighing as he sat on the couch besides his pal. Phuinsiwala's eyes beamed with glitter as he shook hands with Nimkiwala. 

P :  "Nimki yaar, kitthe reh gya tha tu, poore tinn mint kaise beete ki dassan tannu."

N : " ikk sohni kudi mil gyi si, rasta pucchan lag rhi si."

P : " too kado ni sudhrega Nimki, umra ho gyi 80 di hor husn bikherde chalde raste vich tussi. 

N : phuinsi yaar, kal jo dawaai li thi na, twaddi almari naal, puraani ayurvedic sheeshi thi, puri gat kar gya yaar doodh vichh dal ke. 

P :" tussi kado mar jaauga, mai kya si do boond dallan waaste, enni mehangi bottle thi. Natural panne da paani tha. "

N : Laughing," kuch ni hoga sannu, chinta naa kiya kar tussi, chinta vaddi haraaman hoti. Tussi chinta naal maroge ek din."

P :" Nimki, yaar, tannu poore tinn min lag gye rasta batawan me."

N : "ni yaar, bata to main ikk minute me sakada tha, pan ghuma ke bataya, do minnt usme lagg gye."

P : "twadda koi illaj na mere kol, hor bata, bhabhi ji da haal chal bata."

N : "tussi chutki naa le meri Phuinsi, mainu sab pata hai twadda haal."

P : "chal ren de, tu bura maan gya, le, chilam pi. ( offering chilam)

N : taking the chilam and drawing a deep breath inhales the smoke of weed. Exhaling satisfied, "ajj subere keh diya si, ghar ni awaange," 

P :" pata hai yaar, koi  nawi gall bata."

N : "desh da ki howega, saare firangiyaan de haath bik gye ne"

P : taking a deep breath on chilam, "hor ki, saare neta Dubaan lagg rahe, bachawega kaun."

N: yaar phuinsi, too kyun ni khada ho jaata election me. Desh nu twaddi zarrorat si.

P : " ni banana mainu koi neta weta, kitti baar bataya, mere jaise log keval fikar kar sake desh ki, us se jiyada kuch ni"

N : "ayurveda ki kitaab tune likhi thi, uski royalty kuch aani shuru hui?"

P :" kahan, publisher se baat hui, bahot gusse naal keh riya si, saddi kitaabe raddi naal bhi naa bik rehi, royalty khoj rya si assi"

N : " koi ni, sadde din badlange ikk din," 

P : " haan Nimki, chah baj gye gall karte karte, tem ka pata hi ni chalda jab twadde sath rehta hu, ghar ko chalte hain ab. Apna discipline ek dum pakka hai. Ikk mint bhi der ho gayi ghar pahuchne me, bhabhi ji ki heart beat badh jaawegi, tainu to sab pata hai. 

They both getup and part ways to their houses.

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