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Day 2,

My college was morning one and I did everything there except study course books. The office that I worked in was a little lenient on me as I used to reach there by 11a.m. When everyone had settled with their works. 

I reached office little jubilant by yesterday's brief talk. I hadn't shaved and my hair was at it's rocking best, disheveled and flowing freely like my heart. I never used oil in my hair because I liked each strand of hair on my head to freely enjoy the air and breathe. 
The first exclamation was received at the gate itself, "kee daaroon, khoob bhalo laagche" ( looking dashing in hair style and beard.)
I too complimented her and cheerful by the nice start went on to start the daily routine job. Reporting to the boss, he took notice of my arrogant hair and beard. "Ei kee tomaar college naa ki, chool kaatiye, daadhi baaniye bhadro maanush motun officei aashte hobe. Ei yaarki eikhaane cholbe naa." ( is this your college, you have to come to office like a gentleman with clean shave and proper hair cut nicely groomed. This type of attitude won't work here.)

I understood that this man must have overheard the remarks of the beautiful lady. He didn't have trouble with my hair earlier and now this sudden change of attitude was perplexing. I didn't reiterate at that moment but I sat thinking at my table. "Is this company worth the sacrifice of my beard and hair." and I had found my answer, and I wrote a resignation letter and gave it to my boss. I clearly stated I am working sincerely but if my hair is problematic, I cannot leave my hair behind and come to work. 

Then I came to know one hard fact, i had resigned but this boss seeing the letter started hollering, "ei ki yaarki aache, eikhuni paalao eikhan theke, onek deserving staff peye jaabo." (What a joke this is? Run away fast from here, will find numerous more deserving staff than you.)

The hard fact was that just for some admiration I had kicked a nice job..............,suddenly I heard my line ring and awoke from dream. How could I get rid of this company. No, I had to do away with beard and get haircut the first thing tomorrow morning. Destiny beckoned......,

To be continued....,.....


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  1. Hahaahaha kee daaroon, khoob bhalo laagche :D and you sacrificed your beard & hair for your job... :P What was her reaction


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