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Day 1 

I am aged...,, sorry hell no, not aged, young and rocking with a heavy craze for books. I had been lucky to have been a daily stalker of books paradise, the second hand book market at college street Kolkata as my college was adjoining that road itself. That age wasn't of the mobiles or facebook and my favorite pass time were to be engrossed in the plots of writers and feel the rage, joy, tact, they took me in. I didn't have a taboo on a genre of writeup and read from hindi writers to english ones with the same enthusiasm for all. Once I got into reading I would generally put it down after completing it. I could be seen reading book while commuting, crossing road, at office of work because no cameras were there in those days and work, i would finish in a jiffy and cunningly get to reading the unfinished book and report the work done only when it's call was made. 

One day an interesting incident happened. The office receptionist was a dashing cute gal and our talks had been only restricted to being greeted by her upon entering the office, nothing more. My cabin was strategically located but I had my books as my first priority and work as second priority. Months had passed in office and this one day this receptionist rang my line and when I picked up she said, " aami boi podhchi, boss ke bolben naa." ( I am reading a book hiding, don't tell the boss.)

I thought in my mind "et tu brutei" but  told her to carry on as I am not the type saying ill of fellow workers."

But common interest had got us talking......

To be continued...,(only if I see adequate interest by way of comments.)

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