Posted by : RioZee Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day 3

I picked the phone knowing the ripple effects  of hair reached the beautiful lady and she must've been concerned for me. My mood wasn't ready for any talks upon the topic in office, so I discretely told her to disconnect at the time. 

I knew in my heart about the fate of this affair, if it was given water to grow, it would get into a difficult stage to back out. I had to close the chapter today itself before it began, as they say, nip in the bud. My motto had been to be married to my books. 

I used to walk from Dalhousie square to YMCA club after office to play table tennis after office hours daily. Today I offered the beautiful lady to accompany me to YMCA and we would have some chat along the way. 

As we walked, hand in hand, I knew I was going to be harsh and I didn't want to keep someone in the lurch. 

I, a reader, had plenty of words to crawl myself out of it as this was a start only. She had some fascination for me and at that age I too had that zing but I had one more thing, prudence. That prudent knowledge which my books had lavishly adorned me with. I had created a fictitious girlfriend out of thin air and plainly told her that I am in love with a girl and we plan marriage in near future. She liked my frank talk and told me about her fascination for me and her heart was clear and she liked my clear talks first hand. We agreed to be just good friends and nothing more. We had coffee at YMCA, and she left.

I had successfully cleared the air. Next day I reached office with nice military cut haircut and clean shaven, looking more dashing than before. I had bought another book that day, of "Irving Wallace, The Word " and already started the read.

To be continued........,

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