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Day 4

One or two days later, my college friend had come to my office for some book from me and seeing the stunning lady went all bonkers. 

When he met me in the cabin, his dilemma was explicitly written on his face. His shock was beyond repair. We both used to catch the first bus 3B in the morning at 5 a.m. from Alipore to college street. He wanted innumerable answers. I could read it in his horror stricken eyes "Why had he been kept in the dark"and I was like "what was the hurry for the book." " You won't become Kalidasa in a day".

I gave the book to him and he left immediately, knowing the strict decorum of the office which had been fed in his mind by me. I knew he will be at bus stop half hour early and wait for me for explanations. Before going out of office, he deliberately asked the stunning Lady where the restroom was and went to relieve himself. I knew he was trying his futile best to impress the lady. Since the office was a real worse than Adolf Hitler's pin drop silence one, he had come out of the restroom with face more shining after the deliberate wash and he asked the lady the permission to go to my cabin again, because of my strategic location I saw him talking again with her and approach my cabin. I knew what he would be saying. "Abey, kal jaldi aaiyo sabere."

Yes, he had said that and left. That age never dreamt of the tech we see now, whatsapp etc. that plans program to the nearest second. We had to wait for another day and time. I sometimes now feel that was better because we got time to plan the plots to clear the air. Now a days people get caught off guard. I am tempted to deviate a bit from my main story here as an interesting phenomenon of pager came to my mind. I remember when pager system was launched it was tough to deny receipt of information and my one colleague had dumped it and when inquired why he hadn't done as directed by pager message, he replied sheepishly, "sir, when I went to toilet the pager fell in the commode."

Coming to the point, we met next day and as expected, he wanted explanations as to why wasn't he informed of her and was their any chemistry between us and the relief he got when I said I had my books as my first love and she is just an office colleague, that's all. 
Now he wanted an introduction of himself with her properly. In his own words, "abey, tere se to kuch hone se raha, meri intro karwa aaj."  (You can't do anything, introduce her to me today.) 
I had weaved out my plan of action and the blow I was to give him was more a more fierce one. I never wanted to be a part of intro's where any mishap and I am stuck with the tensions of patching ups and all. You have the calibre, go ahead and fall in ditch. 
Expressly I said,"her boyfriend comes every evening on bike to pick her up."

And our conversation came to a dead halt. He sat mourning his newfound love...,,

To be continued..,.......,

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  1. Omg I can't believe ki uss zamane me bhi ye "intro karadena yaar" vaali line thi. My mom & dad always deny if I ask them about such things, liars liars. :P

    1. Hahahaha, yes, we too were humans. Thanks tonns.


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