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Day 5,

She left the office sooner than later and the office head had searched a better option this time, an old lady, which was better for the progress of office work. Since my cabin's strategic location I saw the number of times people uselessly used to pass her desk to go towards the restroom had lessened. I am trying to be as truthful as I can. I know not what happened to her or where she joined next because I was never interested in these things or was I. [Reader Discretion Allowed]

While commuting, I thought to play a prank on my dear little friend. I broke upon him that the boyfriend debacle was all false and offered him to come to office today and I will get the intro done after the office hours. I think he had come up to the office and seeing the old lady left from the gate itself because next day I had to bear all his abuses head on, but I enjoyed the gaali's also because I had successfully fooled him. I didn't know he was fully serious about her because he wanted me to get her address from office recruitment files, which I sheerly denied. I then again had to bring in the fictitious boyfriend of her's in the picture but he simply wasn't ready to believe me now. I still remember his "foola huaa gaal" all the way. "I had acted a villain in his love life." I knew his anger wouldn't last and he will be his old self again. Suddenly, as the bus crossed chowringhi, his old reaction came up as expected, "arrey yaar, these old ladies should be banned to wear these frivolous skirts and roam around like that. Poora kachra kar dia."  He had been eying that shapely lady from afar but seeing old lady as the bus went past her, his mood had again gone berserk. So this was our friend and I knew he was never serious on anything. 

Life rolled on, and Rio too moved on, graduated, and left the friends at their fate, to newer life in the village. This life was going to shatter all his motto's of life. He didn't know what he was in for in the village. All his books that had been neatly packed in cartons and brought were a severe headache for his mother to stash. They couldn't find shelves for themselves because all the shelves were taken and all the innumerable cartons were dumped mercilessly on a small storage room on the highest top corner of the room from where it was a task in itself to get things out without the help of big stools and domestic helps. 

Rio was adaptable, and adapted fast to the situation. Soon proposals of marriages had started pouring in and Rio had discreetly avoided any meet ups tried by his parents as his motto was all set to be married to his books, but his books were all suffocating in the dingy storage and as destiny would have it, Rio had been struck in the dilemma of the Gods. Rio was well read, but he wasn't versed in spiritual texts till then and was caught totally unawares in their plot. Rio's family being fully God fearing cornered Rio into accepting the decision of God. Lord Ganesha was chosen and the names of prospective brides were written on paper and chits were made and folded neatly by Rio himself and one favorite chit was made by him stating "marriage after 10 years."

All the chits were placed before the Lord and with prayers to the Lord to give the time demanded, Rio shuffled and picked the chit and seeing that Lord Ganesha had not only cleverly ditched him but also chosen for him the nearest possible gal in the chit. Rio sensing trouble tried to neatly coerce a second try and this try too brought up the same name, then a third try was taken and lord Ganesha was fully determined without any doubts, and seeing the same gal's name again, it was a strong case of "Teen Tigaara, kaam bigaadaa." [three trials are spoilers of work."]

Now, checking thoroughly if the chit of 10 years retrieval was soundly in place again last and fourth shuffle was done and the chit was picked and there lay the chit in my hand, fourth consecutive time Lord had given the verdict, without any doubts the whole family started honking upon the "shaadi ka bigul". [trumpet of marriage]

To be continued.....,,,

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