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Day 6

The next very day the engagement ceremony  was set to take place as Lord Ganesha never  liked delays of any sort. And within a month Rio was to be a happily married man, as they say. The ceremony, a simple one and they were tied to become one soul. The day, saw nervous Rio, eating the shaadi ka laddoo. 

Was he to repent?  Not at all, as Lord Ganesha had chosen the match. Moreover, he was the almighty Lord. It was a real conspiracy of family members, which Rio came to know later. Had he chosen Lord Hanuman for the decision making he may have been granted 10 years respite, but Lord Ganesha, how could he give 10 years life when he himself had married in such a haste. 

A lot of actions were performed by Rio in that period. Did he write love letters? Surely yes, but such that only brilliant Mrs. Rio to be could only read it because the writing needed the heart to read, not the mind. Rio would be uploading his memorable Love letter that he had sent to then Miss Rio. Since this is a rare piece of art, read with patience and if you can decipher the letter, well, you are a genius as well. 

To be continued ..........,

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  1. Oye hoyeee rio ji gets hitched! But I wasn't invited. :( :P plsh upload more pics plsh plsh plsh

  2. My mom n dad got married just 11 days after meeting eachother.

    1. That means they had the blessings of lord Ganesha as well.

  3. Mam ji is looking soooo beautiful 😊😊😊😊 you're a lucky man 😃


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