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Day 7

Yes, the celebrations were over and God graced Rio family with junior Rio soon. Rio family was fully excited to welcome the junior into the Rio net. Party was thrown, and the whole village welcomed the arrival of the junior Rio.

Soon days passed into months and months into years and life rolled beautifully and Rio too tried his ultimate best to fulfill the family desires to the best of his abilities. He had full faith in the choice of Lord Ganesha and after a span of 5 years rolling away fast enough another smaller junior Rio saw the light into the family. 

It was during this time that Rio was allured to try his luck into the stock markets and gave his share of two cents there and retracted back to the calmness of the village life for good.

Junior Rio had reached the age of six and Rio had to take a bold decision in the family. Rio wanted Junior Rio to be sculpted in the best of the schools and he had to put him in a good school of learning in an education hub town and took junior on to Nainital, the hill station. Here he searched for a good coaching school for kids and though it was a heartbreaker call, he left him to be taught and groomed there. After a month Rio again went to Nainital to see if junior Rio was hale and hearty and the first question junior Rio threw upon Rio was if he had cried after leaving him to the care of warden in the institution of learning. Rio was stumped there but not to be outdone, Rio threw the same question upon the junior if he had cried, and his reply in his own words, "no, just little water had come out." shook Rio's heart but confirmed Rio of one thing, he has the mettle of the Rios. Both father son duo enjoyed their two day stay. Seeing a snake charmer with snake on the road junior Rio said he wanted to put the snake in his neck and Rio instantly got it done and clicked a photograph. A newlywed wed sardar couple were coming from behind and seeing junior Rio garlanded with the snake, sardar ji's wife asked her hubby to get the snake in his neck and get a photograph done but sardar ji outright rejected the proposal. Her reaction downgraded the dignity of sardar as her retort "tussi darde ho, enna chota munda ni darda."(you are afraid, such a small boy isn't afraid.)  Sardar's prompt reply was, "enni vaddi naagin gale vichh daali, hor ki proof chaaida tainu."( such a big cobra snake he already adorned in his neck and what further proof was needed of his bravery.)

Junior Rio soon had reserved his seat at Welham boys, Doon after successfully answering the tough questions thrown upon him. The sharpness of Rio could be seen in this answers. To the question, which T.V. Serial he liked, while the other students answered snakes and ladders, etc. our cunning junior answered "News" and upon the next simultaneous question, as to where the aeroplanes had collided head on the earlier day, but our junior had the shrewd Rio brain in him because he had replied boldly, "he could not watch T.V. because he was traveling in train." 
Teacher not to be outdone had asked our junior about buying a newspaper in train and Junior had him stumped by saying that his dad doesn't buy newspaper in train. Though junior rejected that school and chose Mayo college because of big cricket grounds there.  

Life rolled on and soon his younger brother too joined him. Their childhood began with their letters coming up and Rio always there in times of need. 

To be continued..,,........,

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  1. Haha sardar ji ka popat hua 😝 you've still kept the letters from junior rios 😊 hope they read this post too 😊😊


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