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This all started with a "good morning."

It was an early morning 5 am and I was on my bicycle and met two friends coming from the opposite direction from their morning walk.

"Jai shree shyaam boliye." One of them retorted.

I gave it a pass and started to pedal my way to my destination that I overheard their comment, "Angrez chale gaye, par angrezi chod giye."

I had to stop to give them a piece of my morning fresh as daisy mind. 

"You can't see Shyaam in  goodmorning." I reverted stopping my bike.

"No, that way you should see shyam in sweeper as well, but why do people discard them." He tried to prove his point.

"The day you see Shyaam in sweeper as well, the inner Shyaam in you will shine in full brightness my dear friend." I tried to push some sanity in his head.

I don't know if he was impressed but he gave a nice goddamn offer, "let's leave all the worldly duties and go to himalayas. We will shine in Godly bliss."

Now this was too much, though I had received many people's offer for the himalayan crusade, I rejected their offer outright. 

"If you cannot achieve bliss in home, don't expect it anywhere else. In himalayas too you will think of home." My saying this downed his mood. 

He said he would go only with me. I knew there was no point in harping about revered Sri Ravindranath Tagore's "Ekala cholo re" to him. 

I took to my way as I was getting late. This had set my mind thinking on my way. People looking for accomplices to their acts. They would never find one and they lack guts to do things alone. 

My mind reeled back to years back as I pedaled along all alone in the vast grandness of the early morning. I had met his father some years back as he was going to Mumbai and the occasion had been very tense as he was going to get himself tested for cancer in throat. I had prayed earnestly for his wellbeing but he had survived just five six months more. 

Life had its precarious ways and as I reached my point on the highway, where I tried to savor the energies from Sun daily, I prayed to the Sun god and taking my fill for the day I moved along my way.

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  1. Interesting narration of equally interesting incident. Keep up the good work, friend Rio.


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