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A chat

 I had a chat with God, yes! You heard me right. He wanted to chat after centuries of silence. 

I held my head low in gratitude. Why me, I blurted?

He said with a benevolent smile, “because I like you.”

My mind wondered a bit hearing this. A lot of religious heads were praying incessantly and left no stone unturned to see that their convoy grew multi-folds and newcomers also prayed day and night by their constant nudging.

God, the almighty read my mind instantly and a commanding voice filled my eardrums, “each and every being has my fragrance by birth and the hate that has arisen out of the ego of the heads of religious sects has risen to exploding levels and any death that occurs due to their fanatical approach in the name of serving God, puts them in the most adverse list of mine. I am at a loss to design proper rewards for them.”

Abruptly he asked, can you pass on my message to the people?

I said nervously, “my lord, people are glued to social media nowadays and it is full of sectarian preachers harping away. My voice will never go through their heads. They preach love just for name sake. Their words imply love for their sect and hate for another sect. It is a Herculean task to teach love for each and every soul. There is no magic wand that can be swayed and the people get reformed with immense love for each other.” 

Suddenly I remembered I had yearned to know about Soma rasa………., (to be continued)

Living harmoniously

The world needs new concepts to be devised for people to live harmoniously. Immense progress is seen in all scientific fronts with the latest being the picture of black hole. 

There are different religious concepts, all teaching love and affection but people all the more ready to kill at a slightest instigation. 
Situation is all the more alarming and the people holding high positions must employ great minds to come up with some laws of humanitarian existence to be accepted globally by each community for peaceful humanitarian coexistence.

My one view is that religion is all concept of a personal realm and each one must strive to reckon personal self. The large congregations should be all pointed for self enlightenment and any instructions or commands of any killings broadcasts in the name of saving God must be treated as a heinous crime and punished strictly. 


The Ayushmaan Bharat

AyushmaanBharat a laudable scheme to provide medical treatment to the masses. The salient features of the scheme just enable the hospitals to prescribe multiple endless tests of beleaguered patients till the value of 5 lac in exhausted and if they can sell land to get further diagnosis done they will be kept. If not they will be thrown out of their campus mercilessly with an incomplete and undiagnosed treatment and doubts that they saw some gland in lungs or some ulcerative formation in stomach but the 5 lacs were exhausted reaching upto that much. Now complete pet - scans with ingesting radioactive material in body would be needed, then biopsy, then encephalitis panel serum test of blood and then some fluid will be needed to be extracted from spinal column where slight miss and the person might be paralyzed for life, etc. and etc. and etc....the poor person will come out of the alluring jhinchak hospitals more confused than he entered there.
All in all a clear money syphoning goldmine given to the Doctors and hospitals team in which the major chunk of the booty is of course of the Doctors and the owners of hospitals. 
Government will pay the insurance company a premium and why will the insurance company not devise a way in connivance with these hospitals to make hay while the sun shines.
Clear picture will come when all gets done and public starts thronging to get treated for mild fever or cough. 

Entire hospital system is based on a very dubious and filthy system where a Doctor doesn’t get a fixed remuneration by way of a salary but is given a percentage cut in every process involved from entering the hospital till death does one apart. He buys medicines which are never prescribed in generic name but companies that give them perks or some even have their relatives opening up small brand of pharmaceutical company which doesn’t do any formulation of their own but get their branded product outsourced and delivered to them. They just market them with ease due to connections with doctors. 
The big line of learned MBA marketing agents who studied their asses off to work for these cheap people are seen lined up outside the chambers of doctors at hospitals. They do not meet them without any gift offers because they have very less time to put the point through the doctors heads and only point that goes in their head is the weight of the gift offered. After all they will sell a 50 paisa formulation at 100 rupees. Doctor is not a fool. He knows all chemistry and the physics of it.

Recently met one distressed couple at a big multi specialty hospital. They were unable to pay 15k and were left with no option but to keep the patient in the lobby of the hospital. Next day they arranged and went to pay but the bill was escalated to 21k. They demanded explanation for additional 6k to which they were told some medicines were given. The person said that one tablet was only given and he wanted to know the name of tablet costing 6k. They were completely exhausted. After much deliberation the counter clerk gave 1k discount and they paid 20k and went. 

I don’t say that all are like that but if we look around only negligible few would be free of malpractices.

  • Our entire system needs a revamp like the west. We should take salient points from their way of work. They pay handsome salary to doctors and they do their duties diligently. They don’t get any percentage system in any work they do. Medicine is provided upon prescription only in generic name only. This brings in a decent system of work culture. Patient is treated for the ailments and entire body is not thrown for unwarranted tests which they know what results they will get.

Till our system wakes up, may the doctors and hospitals flourish and keep blooming.They 

The Great Secularists

I recently read a clip of newspaper of 78 years ago.

I am puzzled at the fact that when partition was affected on ground of a separate Hindu Nation and a Muslim nation, why or how did secularism enter the agenda. I have no qualms on secularism, as Hindutva’s major principal lies in “vasudhaiva Kutumbakam “ (whole humanity as one family) but Hindu religion needs some basic changes in ideology to safeguard every religious people’s peace and harmony the way every other religion wants. Each religion should be compelled to compulsorily follow a humanitarian code of conduct for mutually peaceful humanitarian living and give space to each other and all fanatics and their fanaticism be ousted from roots. 

Each individual lives are endangered by religious fanaticism. Cross border activists easily brain wash teenager youths towards their hazardous ends. 

Strong rules and extra effective will power is needled to curb the menace. Politicians have to reach a consensus on this burning matter. 

Pakistan proudly says it is a Muslim nation, so other people of various religion have to follow their path of law. India is proud to be secular where all religious bodies have their individual rights and law to has different codes for each religion. 

What say friends?


I came to know about this event of DaanUtsav, where compassionate people from all walks of life group together and donate whatever they feel.

I remember reading a story of Nagar seth of Vaishali.

When Lord Buddha had visited Vaishali, near present Patna, he was greeted by the wealthy businessman of the town. He pleaded to Lord Buddha that he wanted to give donations and asked if they wanted anything.

Buddha didn’t say anything, but his disciples said if he could purchase and donate the “Amra Vana” (the mango grove) spanning vast area of land, they could meditate under the trees. Now this place belonged to another competitor of his business, but he still asked him the price of that place. Now the competitor said mockingly that he would not be able to pay the price of it. He asked him to name the price first. The utmost exorbitant price was asked. He told him to arrange gold coins on the land and if he could cover every inch of the whole area with gold coins. The land could be his. The businessman engulfed the whole plot with gold coins, purchased and donated the famous Amra Vana.

This giving occasion is a great ideology to have come up and any sort of giving, whether it is knowledge, or money or food, whatever one can do, must not feel shy and participate wholeheartedly.

My hearty salutes to the innovators of the idea.

Silence Please

I want pin-drop silence here so that something great could be imparted to you all. As you all are aware, sorry to say, may not be aware that God came in my dreams. Now don't ask me, "which God?" I cannot disclose the name as that God has directed me to keep it strictly confidential. 

God was very much excited at use of loudspeakers to convey his name to arrogant masses. He said he was thinking of bringing them to heaven early and order them to fill each place of heaven with these loudspeakers chanting his name. He said the other people in heaven are taking him for granted and he needed this wonderful device to push of his name in their heads 24*7 without fail. He was looking to reward profusely the ones which had the shrillest tone that could penetrate thickest pinheads. 

Seeing my head bowed down, God immediately understood what was on my mind. He laughingly said, "I know there are many places which are devoid of my name in this world. I will be ordering Modi to send some most talented ones to North Korea to drive my name in their heads. Thereafter they will be called to heaven to do their duty with full diligence."

I bowed down my humble head. 

Ohh God !!! The Manipulators

I used to listen and did enjoy listening to Godly speeches by emminent saints. 

Today I happened to listen again a whatsapp clip of another saint ( God knows better if he is a saint ).

This clip was instigating a particular religion masses to make proper house of lord and one should be ashamed of living in marble houses with airconditioned rooms and their God was residing in a small place. 

My mind which seeketh the inner light and knows for sure that the God is present inside each and every human being, burning and rioting to build an abode for God will serve what purpose.

When will there be a law strict enough to punish the ones playing with human values.

These onesided utterings are the catalytic
ingredient utilized by the hardliner manipulators of another religion to manipulate and poison the minds of their masses.

Ohh God!

2000 note ban

Yea, I am trying to predict the near future. Beware countrymen!

I foresee a 2000 rupee note ban to curb black money effectively. 

Exact date of announcement is just known to our respected PM.

Aap doshmukt kiye jaate hain.!!!

Yes, I am doshmukt. This world's court gave this clear verdict and now I know I have just acheived this feat on clear grounds. 

I will strictly order my kins to bury these verdicts of innocence when I grow old and leave this heavenly abode for super abode as these might come in handy there aswell.

God is great!!!

Autobiography of an Actor

Yes, I confess. This is my confession statement. Buying awards for 30k. This too to deprive a genuine winner of the award but this is my confession statement and I should be prosecuted as per law of land. Did I mention that I had met a gangster as well and drank tea with him in a foreign land. Yes, drinking tea is not a crime and at that time he hadn't committed heinous crime, so I should be excused for that offence. 

My conscience rose above the limits of fear and I took the opportunity to confess.

May God grant me the forgiveness. 

Trouble, Laugh or Cry

2nd January and it is a foggy morning today. I got up with a little heavy head and getting tea in bed could be the thing I desired the most and I got one without asking as my dear is very prompt at that.
Sipping tea as I surfed the whatsapp messages, I saw one quote, "cry at your troubles and they will double, laugh at your trouble and it disappears like bubble." Mind was trying it's best to put that piece of info in head but it kept getting rejected firmly by my stealth brain. 
I couldn't eaven dream of calling my trouble as trouble without the risk of getting hit on head, let alone laugh at it.

Other troubles be it where they are, I try my level best not to poke the "birni ka khota" and only wait for them to resolve by pity of God........, 

2017 January 1st.

Yes, Sun is shining bright on the horizon and I am beginning the first day of 2017 by a note of thanks to all dear friends who stood by me and penned valuable inputs upon my  insignificant rants.

I strive to work my heart and mind to full potential towards my goals. A thought did creep into my mind upon the recent speech of our hon'ble Prime Minister of 7:30 P.M. yesterday, and the word that hit the mind was "BEIMAAN" and the resolve that they won't be spared. Now this classification only meant for the business class because these are the ones who steal tax. Now big tycoon mega conglomerates who take billions of loans and just switch themselves to another country may have been beimaan but now they have left for their own good and are imaandaar contributors to that nation's economy with their clean pounds and dollars. 

Why this much fuss of crucifixing the beimaans? Just tell them to leave the entire nation to be hogged by politicians to their heart's extent and join the Naga baba community in the himalayas. 

God knows who is Imaandaar.

The Olive Branch

This is an Olive branch in the hands of Pakistan and behind it is China's hand giving it the push to be accepted by India. 

What a dramatic scene : Behind this Olive branch are the terrorist outfits which continue with their agenda unabated. Warning by China it will block India's bid to ban these outfits in U.N.

In what world are we living. The whole world is fighting this menace of terrorist outfits and what a clever manner the highest echleon honchos turn blind eye to the rhetorics of terrorist factions as if they will be concerned only when this snake tries it's go at biting them. 

God knows If Modi Goverment will accept the Olive branch of gesture, but one thing is sure, two things can never run side by side.

Pagla Party

I am starting "Pagla Party"
Manifesto : 
1) Scrapping all facilities of all politicians. They have to to get their renumeration from their followers. Their all properties will stand seized and schools will be opened in them.

2) In parliament every politician will be bringing own tiffin to eat. No freebies.

3) All taxations will be scrapped. All present tax officials have to teach poor students in the houses vacated by politicians.

4) Voluntary Swecchaa Daan of 10% of profits will be expected of all Indian citizens, to be deposited in "India Welfare Fund".
There will be no checking of accounts. It will be a voluntary affair. They can give more, but it will be their wish, no forcing.

5) All religious bodies will be allowed to practice their religion within the confinement of their personal homes. All processions or public show of religious grandeur will be treated as National disgrace and dealt with strong laws with an option to leave the country for their good or be hanged till death (their choice). All places of worship will be remodified to become Hospitals with free services to all citizens.

6) Logo will be the skeleton head of Trinasaurus and all volunteers can wear this type of face and start canvassing for the Pagla Party to come in power.

7) All Indian citizens will be given 10 days time to disclose their black money abroad and bring it back to India and employ it in rebuilding the nation. No questions will be asked. All their money. Anyone failing to do so, and later found out will be dealt according to the law of land. First will be their photographs pasted in all public urinal pots. Rest we can devise more laws.

8) All system of caste classification will stand scrapped and all titles of surnames will be considered just mere names. Merit  will lead and all poor will be provided with best possible infrastructure to sharpen and spruce up their talents.

I, RioZee hold all rights to this Pagla Party. 

God's Towel

Ladies are very particular about their things. I think it is an inbuilt mechanism in their brains. If by chance one opens their wardrobe and closes it, without touching anything, they would know that wardrobe had been opened and start demanding clarifiacations. One should thank the Goverment that their one announcement made the once the hidden arena to open up and all wealth of hidden preservations came out into the open. Mind admires in awe and is in sheer admiration of their talent at acquisition and preservation.

Overheard a talk that was going on between a sophisticated Lady and her Mother in law in temple, "this towel is particularly God's bath towel." 

Yes, They are particular with their things aswell as God's things aswell. No messing there.

Alexander and his acquaintances with Indian saints

This takes me back to the writings about the Alexander era. I will try to keep it as simple as possible. 

Alexander had been impressed by Dandamis, a great Indian saint and had asked of him to leave India and go with him to his country, to which he had refused, saying that he was happy serving one master, God and the meager things he needed to support the body were abundant. 

One of the disciples of Dandamis, Calanus, Indian name Kalyana, got lured and left India and accepted Alexander as Master and left with him. Calanus grew weaker there and realized his mistake and took upon a decision to self immolate himself. He conveyed his desire  to Alexander and everything was arranged for him to depart in pomp and glory. He was provided the best horse which he gave to his greek disciple Lysimachus

Calanus didn't flinch in fire, and accepted his death smiling. He prophesized about Alexander's death in Babylon, saying, we shall meet in Babylon. 

Grammar Falooda

I see people harping grammar and its rules to be followed with strong killing voice. Take a chill pill guys. Life isn't as bad as you are making it. When I die, hopefully, God will not be giving me a surprise test to write a grammatically correct composition, and condemn me to eternal hell for a wrong use of Past perfect continuous tense. 

God knows why I have written this post. For students, learn all while you can as later the zeal and stamina will be lost finding the past participle. 

Good day.
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Suicide a tragedy

Very beautiful take on Suicide by Sriram Aiyar written with emotions simply breathtakingly well. 

I have faced myself many scenarios where the mind of the person enduring was shaken to such extreme levels that anything could have happened. Lucky are the ones that get timely god sent counsel.

Many times simple jokes lead to further aggravated situations. I remember my travel in train where four friends played a prank on a poor friend. They were returning jovially from Ajmer after visiting Dargah and were returning back to Mumbai. 

Suddenly phone of a friend rang and as he started to talk his other friend grabbed the phone and said, "Bhabhi ji, we changed plans and are headed for Mussoorie. "

I was shocked to hear the conversation. The victim friend tried to say something but her wife knowing nothing had started her barrage of accusations and the guy's male ego hurt to the extent that he started talking of a divorce.

The whole atmosphere in my compartment had grown tense. 

Suicide was what he was thinking as he stood at the gate of running train smoking trying to swallow the insult in front of his friends. 

I had sensed the need of sound advice, which I was bursting to shell out upon him and struck a conversation. 

To cut the long story short, I had thwarted a suicide attempt. 

There have been many instances which I could easily relate to the book. 

All in all a great endeavor.

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